The Look of Anger

I was running down the mall to get a bag of chewy cookies from the local bakery (to pair with my afternoon coffee, of course!) when all of a sudden I was mesmerized by those thick-browed creatures staring at me as if I did something illegal. Oopsies? I did my crazy stare as well but their overpowering red-colored feather of pure anger got on my nerves! Seriously?

 This is my friend Apple acting as the famous ANGRY BIRD and me as one of the PIGS. I can’t help but do a wacky pose like this!

Everywhere I look I could see red birds, blue birds, and yellow birds with gigantic popping eyes and three-inches of black rectangular eye brows! Sheesh! Kids wear them on their backs, others as shirts, and the whole android and iphone communities are flickering their touch machines playing with these flocks of doom! Talk about Angry Birds, they are on fire! Literally!

I’m not really going gaga over these sling-shot-bubble-shaped-orange-beaked birds that fly around with the hopes of hitting those powerless green pigs on the other side of the screen. It’s true that I love Physics but estimating the projectiles in this touch screen game made me quit at the early stages. Boo! That explains why I don’t get the sudden fad and the creepy domination of their merchandise sales. Remember the world domination of Hello Kitty and Plants Vs Zombies? Haha!

I love doing ridiculous cartoons. Here’s my version of the game in pen and paper! Boo-yah!

But hey?! Might as well accept the attack of these flying wonders. Maybe one day they’ll settle down and decide not to be darn angry at us anymore. Putting up a face like that takes a lot of facial muscle contractions! And BTW, real birds don’t have hideous eyebrows! LOL hahaha Ciao players! 🙂


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