Virtual Condoms for Protection.

All I saw were the “sensitive” parts of the human body without the added CENSORED sign that we are accustomed to. Sheesh! If there’s anything crazy about this world it’s the ATTACK of the Facebook Porn spammers! One day you open your networking site to check for updates and all of a sudden you are bombarded with unsolicited pictures of (well, I don’t want to discuss the details – yikes!).

I was very upset when I scribbled this. Porn sucks.

VIRTUAL CONDOM – a striking term made by my friend, Mhalley while I was ranting about the early morning Facebook Mishap in Twitter. I was all out laughing because it complements the topic of the day. But, hey? One way to get protected is to AVOID clicking these pictures. For those “click happy” fingers, you might as well double check the link? Unless you are one of those “Pervs” then sorry, but I hate you! Big Time!

If you ever want to stop this nonsense, take that extra step by reading carefully. These spammed images would not have grown viral if it wasn’t VIEWED by curious individuals! Now Facebook has the task of strengthening their servers in order not to be hacked again.

We sure love Facebook.Let’s hope for more precautions the next time around. Virtual condoms anyone? Haahaa! Ciao Green Minds! 🙂


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