Blood for them Vampires!

What’s the latest buzz about the Breaking Dawn (Part 1) of the Twilight Saga anyway? Oops did I mention that I’m not really into these blood-sucking-half-human-half-dead-love-affair? (No offense to the worshipers – we’re still friends!) I watch the movie though (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse) – true, and I like the story. Ok maybe I’m a bit harsh to the fans but I’m more of a non-vampire-romantic-drama-flick type of girl. Peace!

Let’s just say that I’m trying to save the entire race of blood-thirsty Vampires! LOL (kidding)

Have you ever had your neck sucked by Edward Cullen? Nah, I don’t want a hunky bedroom-haired cold man drain me out of my certified AB blood like it was some kind of drug – no way! But on the contrary, why do I need to “feed” these creatures when I could actually function as a good citizen and donate my 120-day-old blood to those who are in dire need? That’s my way of looking at it!

Enough with the vampire shenanigans. I’m here to talk about the importance of Blood Donating. (Gee whiz, so much for the catchy introduction!) Haha! I think I want people to know that becoming a part of something GOOD somehow highlights our INNER BEAUTY as individuals. Right?

I’ve been donating blood several times already and well, I’m happy for that. I am able to give a part of myself to society (especially if our blood is continuously regenerating every after 3 months) I mean, if it would turn to waste, why not have it saved for the purpose of saving lives? (The Nurse Within Alert! haha)

Here’s a great reference for Blood Donations. Let’s just imagine that we’re being suck by our famous Vampire Icons. Hoping to catch other vampires in True Blood and Vampire Diaries. I’d be happy to share my bla-bla-blad! 🙂 Ciao Earthling! 🙂


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