Pinoy LOVE for Karaoke.

If you are a Filipino reading this post, I’m sure you are thinking about that song that you usually sing with your friends (either you have the talent or not) during your karaoke nights, right? All those jumping, hand gestures, and your facial expressions during your “feeling-concert-sa-Araneta” rendition of the hit “Dancing Queen” exemplifies that Pinoy Spirit in you! You are going to love this post!

My friends, Romma, Ate “Con” Consuelo Osorio (PDA Finalist), and me singin’ during the 2011 Iloilo Dinagyang Festival!


In the absence of my “Miss Universe body figure” here’s my brief, simple, and straight to the point answer. Drum Roll Please? Haha! Logically speaking, MOST FILIPINOS LOVE MUSIC. There, I said it, and maybe after this I could rule the world. Lol. Seriously though, we, the Pinoy, all with the blue, red, yellow, and white colors of our flag, can’t live without music. It is innate that we love to sing and dance and try to get the party started – hey even in funerals, we sing. Duh?

Quick History: Our very own, Roberto del Rosario was a musician and music teacher who played eight instruments. He actually developed an advanced sing-along-system known as OMB (one-man-band) which was the combination of a music player, voice taping mechanism, tuner and mixer.Karaoke is pronounced “kæriːˈoʊki” in Japanese and means: singing along to music with the vocals removed. He was awarded a Gold Medal for Best Inventor in 1985 by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Association. See? Typical Pinoy!

For those Karaoke Lovers like me and my pals (where every occasion needs at least 3 hours of singing!), here’s a nice chart to classify your singing prowess! I had fun with this one!

So I’m a person who knows how to sing with an average amount of talent so I guess I am a wonderful entertainer? True! Lol

There you have it. Filipinos love singing, thus, a simple machine with lyrics and instrumental music can brighten up your party or maybe your “simple gathering.” For the record, some people are annoyed by the noise we (singers lol!) make. Just be careful not to overdo it and make sure to really really really have a great time! Try “Don’t Cry Out Loud” with your nose pinched this time! That will surely make a fool out of yourself! Ciao! 🙂

* Special Thanks to my dear friend, Aica for the inspiration! FYI, we love karaoke!


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