Extra Virgin Zatazza Cafe

It is not everyday that you get to sit cozy and have your sip of chocomint latte paired with a crunchy oatmeal raisin cookie in a newly opened coffee shop and brag about it’s delightful ambiance. Like, really? Zatazza Cafe just opened a few days ago without me even knowing it. Thus calling it “extra virgin” LOL!

The brown monochrome reminds me of a coffee bean – the colors are in sync.

Locked behind several apartments in the Jaro area lies this “hidden cafe” and it’s humble “Los Angeles coffee shop” feel (haven’t been there but I saw some clips – haha!). The name actually sounds like the known Italian coffee shop “Lavazza” but I guess Zatazza might mean “the cup?” I have no idea! It’s just that “tazza” in Spanish means cup and well maybe “za” is that local whimsical manner of saying “the”I dunno actually! Haha!

Hey we’re not debating about the origin of the name here! It’s my hunch I don’t know with you guys! haha! Ok lets see. They serve you your average cup of aromatic coffee (hot and cold), frappes, and teas. On the counter they have a variety of pastries to choose from (and very affordable as well) – lemon squares, cookies, muffins, cakes and others depending on availability. Did I mention that they have wi-fi? Good place for Ilonggo bloggers. Lol! πŸ˜›

“The Zatazza Cafe is not a virgin anymore!” lol – Jules, Drem, Aica, RJ, Carl, me, and Mavin

What caught my attention was the different paintings around the cafe – from pop arts to the classical Audrey Hepburn black and white they have it for your eyes to see. Not to mention the tunes that they have for you – a blast from the ’90s of course! Magazines are up for grabs on the table and you could surely feel at home. They serve pasta as well (which is not in the menu FYI lol)

Definitely, we will be coming back for some chillaxin’ at Zatazza Cafe. Have that “extra virgin” feel at the newest perk in town! Ciao! πŸ˜€


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