Surprising Newspaper Feature!

One eventful night, we (me and my friends) went to this rad party at Aura – yes it’s in Smallville Iloilo. The famous Borgy Manotoc was there for the night and we could not resist the temptation of seeing him in person. Hey sorry we’re just normal girls trying to have a great evening (err maybe morning? lol)

Yeah we look so excited – much more like a pile of monchichis! haha!

When we entered the bar there were so many people flocking the place and well, we managed to get a table nearest to the Borgy Manotoc spot. Yeah yeah we started dancing to the beat and all, ordered some fries and cold beverages to begin the par-tey?! Suddenly a fashionable guy came by and asked if we could strike a pose on his digital camera. 😛

We we’re so hyped and we felt as if we we’re in the Gossip Girl set and so we just did the shoot with pride! The man then asked for our names because he said he’ll publish the photo in his newspaper article. The gals and I huddled and said “Maybe he’s just trying to psyche us out. Let’s give him our fake names!” Ok ok. We really gave him fake names.

Kams, me, Mhalley, and Kuki at Aura. Yadi-yadi-yah. We had our night.

A few weeks later, when I got back from Cebu, I saw an article in the local news about Borgy Maotoc’s presence at Aura promoting a certain drink and BOY DID WE SEE OURSELVES ON THE SPREAD with our FAKE NAMES! The guy was not kidding! We messaged each other and laughed our loudest. We could not believe that we’re published. Oops?!

What the heck. At least we got a bit of exposure – our faces maybe? ‘Coz our names are so off the charts! haha! Ciao! 🙂


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