Pacquiao VS Marquez 2011 Fight

I woke up this late afternoon hearing the Philippine National Anthem being sung on Manny Paquiao’s fight with Juan Maruez. I’m not really a big fan of such a sport but I am always happy to hear that one Filipino Congressman is literally fighting for the country. To cut the story short, Pacquiao bagged the glory today – boy was I updated by Twitter, Facebook, and the good old POOR LIVE STREAMING of the event.

Talk about your opinions while watching the game at the same time checking out the twitter timeline! Sweet! 

The first couple of rounds were all dominated by the famous champion, Pacman. But it seems that around the 6th round and onwards, Marquez was redeeming his victory. With us fellow viewers all we did was pray and hope that something good will actually happen to this day. And it was a unanimous decision by the judges. At the end of the game, many Mexicans were Booing Manny and I guess we all thought that Marquez would win this battle. I guess not.

Now I am laughing at the little twitter fights and facebook statuses. A nice boxing fight turned into a debatable issue on politics and unfair judgment. What the!? I thought the decision was already clear. Yes I thought Manny would leave the stadium empty handed but then again he won! There’s always a surprise to everything. 😛

Take a good look at this. It’s Manny’s game!

Look at it this way: in the end of the game, Marquez raised his hands as if he was sure that he had won the fight and well, Manny was at the corner of the ring – praying. I believe that Marquez, as a Mexican Fighter has won the hearts of many Filipinos because for a second there, we all really thought he’s the one to beat. All glory to Manny Pacquiao! It was a great fight! Ciao! 🙂


One thought on “Pacquiao VS Marquez 2011 Fight

  1. don’t like boxing,,and not a fan of pacquiao feeling kasi xa eh..super yaman na ni pacman tama na,buti pa concentrate nalang on what should we do to improve the philippines,,,keep on donating your wins…

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