It’s fun to be on Television.

“Dai! You’re in Tatak Ilonggo!” (it is a local channel here in Iloilo City) My dad pounded on my door with excitement and a bit of laughter. I opened the TV and boy did I see myself not so ready with that zoom-in shot. I was laughing my heart out because I was caught talking in the middle of a prayer. Good influence anyone? haha!

During the 31st Anniversary of the Photographic Society of Iloilo. (Me, and my friends Emily, Aica, and Kate)

Many of us may have that experience of seeing ourselves on the screen, right? Like random interviews from the local press, feature stories, or maybe something unexpected. I had so many chances of seeing myself there and it is quite fun to have that moment of STARDOM haha! Kidding aside. My friends would inform me that they saw me in the news or something like that and hey, cut me some slack, I liked that feeling – oh and did I mention that they made fun of me? Thanks a lot! haha!

I was wondering if you’re actually an actor and you get to see yourself (and your mistakes) on screen. What would that feel? Or if you’re a newscaster and you had a make-up malfunction during your report and you saw it right there and then? Oopsies. Dude? Millions of people are watching you with their eyes and maybe half of them will not notice but what about the other half, huh? hahaha! Now you got scared. Lol!

Maybe it’s just a “I-need-to-get-used-to-this” thing if you’re a TV personality. We had our exposures too so let them do what they do best to entertain and inform us. Ciao! 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s fun to be on Television.

  1. HAHAHA I saw myself on TV too last August, during the launching of Kadayawan in Apo View Hotel… I was slicing a chinese ham! My gad of all scenes, yun pa! My friends were like, “whoa i saw you on TV, you were slicing a giant ham!” “whoa, pwede ka pala maging killer, renz!”


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