Cut me open!

Of course this ain’t a science project that you get to open me up! Haha!

This is a segment which I will call the “get to know your blogger” portion sort of somethin’ somethin’. I’ll be the one to talk (as if there’s somebody else? lol) and you’ll be the one to decide if you’ll keep on reading this post or just click that red [ X ] thingy on the upper right side of your browser. Haha!

My friends know me so well and I assume most of you don’t have any clue about me. And yes I know you will then look at the ABOUT navigation in this site. Haha Am I psyching you there? Ok so much for crap talk. Here we go. I have 5 random things to share:

1) I am was OBSESSED with the Saxophone. On my 19th birthday, my good father bought me this musical instrument that I was obsessing for seven long years and after I received it I never had the time to play with it. Lol So much for his investment. Boo!

2) At the age of 12 (considering that I was in a pre-obese state) my usual menu for the day is 2 cups of rice, a viand, and Coke per meal; Spaghetti, Hamburger, and French Fries for snacks. Yup. You don’t want that to happen to your kids! I know. Haha!

3) I never liked McDonald’s purple mascot! In fact, I am afraid of him. He is a giant, purple, furry, scary mascot that haunts me in my dreams! He has a scary smile too. Creepy GRIMACE!

4) I’m not a pet person but I love looking at pet owners with OBESE CATS and DOGS. They look so cute! So cute that their legs could not even support them to stand! hahaha! They are so fluffy I wanna die! 🙂

5) I can drink a liter of cold water without pausing. I don’t know how I do it but I may be thirsty. Or am I some kind of freak? Haha Kidding. I guess I don’t know my own strength LOL!

ALRIGHT. You can go on with your internet surfing now. Ciao! 🙂


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