11.11.11 – Reminds me that I’m still SINGLE

Twitter and even Facebook posts show a significant number: The 11.11.11. Cool right? It comes only once in our lifetime, unless you want to live up to 200 which is obviously impossible. Haha. Today is a day where there’s precision. Of course there are a lot of promos running all over the place – restaurant openings, product launching, and maybe even wedding anniversaries. Who knew that this day could turn out to be a special one.

It’s funny how I blog about my personal life and being single. But hey? I share the same feeling among others all over the globe! Hah!

I don’t really get it. How could these numbers make a difference? Seeing the six 1s is giving me a headache and it even reminded me that I AM SINGLE. How’s that for a varied point of view? haha! I’m also in the trend of using the numerical figures. Duh?! haha!

I got this thought from a paradigm search in the internet and there’s this section about interpreting the 11.11.11 known as the SINGULARITY SUMMARY (thanks for pointing that out mister! haha) There are three possible scenarios today that could happen based on the mathematical uniqueness of the number per se.

1) SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS – actually there’s no scientific basis for this belief, no logical premise, no nothing. “something good will happen” most probably is based on a person’s spirituality and not purely on the number.

2) NOTHING HAPPENS – this is my bet and must be the most possible scenario among the three. Just because the date has the same numbers it doesn’t really mean that something could happen. Duh? That’s plain weird.

3) SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS – the probability here is not zero and the effect is caused by pessimism of reality. I think?

But whatever this is I guess it is just a presentation of numbers with no correlation to whatsoever occurrence in the spectrum of today. I mean, what does it have to do with our lives? Good thing life goes on and tomorrow will be the 12th. At least now people will stop talking about the 11.11.11 thing that’s driving me insane and also worried about my relationship status. Kidding! haha! It’s fun being a whack sometimes! Ciao! 😀


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