Cheesecake and Calories! Yum!

Got a delicious Blueberry “oozed-up” Cheesecake from Maridel’s at the Plazuela. Very FOOD-GASMIC!

I don’t know if you people enjoy a slice of cheesecake but I definitely would want to ask for more especially if paired with its noble lover – the ever famous coffee. I love cheesecakes and if I could wish for anything in this world then you bet it. I’d say not cheesecakes, but ZERO CALORIES in cheesecakes haha! I got you good! 😛

Looks are really deceiving and maybe taste would apply as well. I love eating these little chunks from heaven but seriously? 315 calories? Try to think about adding a few laps in your jogging or probably a few extended minutes in your daily work out. Life has a lot of exchange rates – not only in money. There’s currency in food as well. Hello CALORIES! They really put the F in Fat!

This is me and my dear friend, Aica. And boy do we love to talk over coffee and cake.

I guess (you think? haha) I am over exaggerating since these decadents of pure cheese flavored pastries are nothing but simple desserts and not the main dishes. Who would live to eat cheesecakes morning, noon, and night? He or she may end up obese and probably suffering from Diabetes if you know what I mean. Haha! I think “control” is the issue here. Would you agree?

Life is too short to cut down on these guilty pleasures! Ciao! 🙂


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