Inside the Social Bubble

Ok. Topic for today is about friends. Why? Well I just want to write a little something about them. It’s not like I’m doing a drama series here. So anyway, FRIENDS – either you have them or you don’t. Unless of course you’re going a bit too far in the psychology spectrum, then mabe you need help. šŸ™‚

We look so adorable! It makes me want to pinch myself! Haha College life was fast though.

Just like in any other chick flick movies, there’s this thing called “types of friends” and you really should know who they are and how will they help or ruin your life. Haha! Right? So here’s my take on Filipino friends (or at least that’s what I have observed for the past years of my existence):


You know it when they stick to you all the time. Inseparable. This means they like you and they want to know more about you. Also, these people will definitely do what it takes to keep your friendship up to par. Usually we call them “friends that we can surely keep.” We love them all the more. Parties, plain old fun, or maybe aĀ road trip. These are the people you love hanging out with.


These people are the ones that will be your friend for a short while and then stab you in the back for whatever purpose. We don’t know what their problems are but we sure know that they are taking it out on us. It’s like the case of a bee that when it stings you, that little bee dies. In fact, once we are stung by these people, we get the venom but we usually make them weaker. How’s that for analysis? Lol. Whatever. We have friends that hurt us. Agree?


Oh yes we hear that everyday from our parents’ warning. Whether that’s influence on alcohol, drugs, vices excessive shopping, stealing, and prostitution (you name the evils that’s in your mind) these people can burr a hole in our head and wishing that you’ll wake up like the ever famousĀ Frankenstein. And they do their evil laughs “muwa-ha-ha! muwa-ha-ha!” sort of thing and they call you their newest creation. Do you seriously want that creepy laugh?

There you have it. Well, as the saying goes, “Friends come in different packages.” Let’s just hope for a package filled with GOOD friends and not those Professor X types of personalities (you get what I mean). Treasure your friends and learn to choose the better ones. Oh and BTW always trust your instincts. Ciao! šŸ˜€


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