Learn to say NO

It was such a shame looking back. Me shutting the heck up and not standing up for myself when persuaded to take the course (Nursing) that I ultimately despised four years back. I mean, if you could redo your decision, would you opt for another course that you are sure that you’ll be passionate about? I do! I’d love to go back and pat myself on the back and say “I’m glad you made that decision.”

Well, at least I got the degree that they wanted. I’m happy because they are happy for me. (This was taken last March so I guess I was still fat haha!)

I grew up with a traditional Filipino family, surrounded by visual artists, businessmen, doctors, and nurses. Oh and I admit that I don’t blame my parents for choosing a course that could probably help me with my future (let me earn dollars and support them). I should be thanking them for helping me decide. Maybe four years ago I was clueless of the possibilities in life and Nursing was a step closer to what they call “Greener Pastures” which BTW I am not interested in. Just to be clear of my intentions. Haha!

Long before, I already made up my mind that being a Nurse was not something that I am passionate about. I was brought up as an artist and was exposed to the business world. I know it sounds strange but doing things that you are not really into is not right – believe me it will drive you crazy. I want to do something that I enjoy – as of now I love web designing and I love marketing.


What about it? I proved to myself that I can surpass all of the challenges. I got to witness birth and to even handle the occurrence of death. My mind was inculcated with different facts – facts that be of great use in the future. I had the chance to understand the life of an individual, the struggles, and the effects of poverty to their health and well-being. I was and I am still a nurse – but not the one that you could see in the hospital. Those four years in class and in the actual scene I will use for the benefit of my family and for those who needed the help. So it will never be a waste. 😀

But seriously. I don’t want the next generation to make the same mistake I did. Follow your heart and do what you want to do. Your parents will simply support you because they love you. 🙂 Do it with passion! Ciao.


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