Food, Wine, and Beach Lovin’

Put on some good tunes in your ipod and you’ll have the time of your life! Chillaxin’

My friends treated me with a relaxing time away from the city to celebrate my 21st birthday last July. It was such an enchanting experience because first of all I love the beach and second of all I love food and wine. They are such great pals. Well, on that day we prepared a little something something (just like in the movies) where you get to bring a basket out to the shore and sip a glass of red wine. Oh my I enjoyed that moment! Believe it or not, we all wore white on that occasion. The beach was ours for the afternoon. Swanky!

What is great about Guisi Beach (at Nueva Valencia, Guimaras) is that it is hidden by lush palm trees, tucked between gigantic limestone boulders and framed with soaring cliffs. Near our spot was an 18th century Spanish Colonial Lighthouse (which we did not have time to explore but I have been to that place several times already). It is quite great to have a friend that lives near this beautiful wonder and thanks to him, I have a lot of opportunities to relax here even on a busy weekday. Lol.

It’s very pleasant to have the whole beach for yourself and enjoy the sea’s serenity. The best gift I ever had in years! 

Whenever I am down or sick of the busy city life, I always go to the beach to relax and just listen to the wind, the water and all of nature’s splendor. This is my other side amidst the city girl that I am. Take time to rest for crying out loud. haha! Ciao!


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