Trying out Taglish!

One Friday morning, I was up early for a great day at the office – I was hoping to finish the product shoot and transfer them all to the soon-to-be-launched website that I have been working on for probably a week now.

Like, you know, a normal work day stuff happened until a sudden gush of wind blew my hair all over which made my face look like a jungle full of black worms. Lol! Remember those local commercials before? Total damaged talaga as in! (Sobrang arte mo naman, Dai!)

So I went to check myself out sa mirror and parang instantly I decided to get it fixed sa parlor. Sobrang desperate na talaga ako and siguro I need a new hairstyle. Eh, doon, I told the stylist na siya na yung bahala sa akin.

Have you ever had this similar experience?

Moments later, I fell asleep. Then I felt that they were rinsing my hair na and they were doing something but I don’t care naman. Siguro we all had those instances na we give our trust sa mga pinapagupitan natin, di ba?

So when I opened my eyes I WAS SHOCKED NA *POOF* CURLY NA AKO! It took a few minutes to sink in and siguro I am not used to seeing mself looking like that. Pagkatapos naman ng DRAMA ko nung hapon na ‘yon, I was fancying myself na and was playing with my “squid locks!” Ang ganda pala! (starts drooling…)

Well, there’s a little difference. I look so vain here. This is for comparison purposes. Lol

OA no? Nilagyan-lagyan ko pa ng mousse at kung ano pang kaartehan. Tapos people can’t help but notice it. Ang sayaaaaa! Naks! Feeling masyado?

Yun lang. The lesson? NEVER OVER-REACT. Sometimes it will make you seem stupid! Haha. Ciao! 😀


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