Surviving Candid Photography.

I was staring at the guy across the street. You wouldn’t have known that if I haven’t told you.

By definition, Candid Photography captures the spontaneity of the subject within events rather than setting up staged situation blah blah so there you go. Basically, Candid Photography in our everyday internet life are those annoying, un-posed, and unplanned photos of you taken by your close friends and deliberately tagging you in you Facebook account. IKR? Awesome! 8)

Truth be told, we all have those memorable photos that we normally would just keep to ourselves and well, look at it several years from when it was taken (for the sake of reminiscing your past). Due to the advancement of technology and the developing art of Professional Photography Major in “Taking-Stupid-Shots-Of-Faces-Of-Your-Friends-And-Laugh-About-It-Like-A-Bunch-Of-Lunatics” we are now living in this century packed with thriving paparazzi shots circling the world wide web. Haha!

I know, I know. I look beautiful in the center photo! Haha! There are better ones that I decided not to show you ‘coz of the word “privacy.”

Just because I always do the picture taking doesn’t mean I don’t have snapshots of my “retard and goof in real life” sort of image. My friends know how to press a button you know. Unless they need a one-sentenced manual to check back to. Lol.

I don’t know with you but I love looking at candid shots. Those pictures make me feel that I am a human being who failed to recognize a person holding a camera HAHA! But seriously, it is somehow NICE to see different poses from time to time – not those cute smiles (sometimes scary-looking smiles) that we usually see. It breaks the monotony and it gives us a gigantic reason to love ourselves more! Ciao 🙂


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