Booksale! Just ten bucks?

Remember that saying “You can’t get too much of a good thing?” I was literally possessed when I was in Cebu City last 23rd of October. Who would have thought that book sales could release the clumsy selfish geek in me? Seriously?

This is me drooling over Cokaliong’s fine-furnished Mandaue Lounge.

I am fond of books, in fact I do a lot of reading on my spare time and of course I do a little amateurish writing so-to-speak. While passing by a “pasalubong store,” I saw those white capital letters on green squares (probably you’re not that familiar with the logo but it’s the BOOKSALE shop that i’m referring to – lol like we also have it here in Iloilo haha) and I tried to check if they have Danielle Steel’s books on sale (No kidding? I’m a fan!).

Then before I knew it, I was paying for seven books total. My mind was set on a frenzy where “…ten-twenty-fifty-pesosss-issss-soooooo-cheap-must-buy-moreeee…” sort of thing. As wreckless as I may sound, I bought all of the books and did I mention that I haven’t even checked their titles?

See what I mean? Possessed! Haha!

Now I’m stuck with books worth less and such a waste. One is an ANTI-CHRIST for crying out loud?! lol. Never ever rely on those price tags the next time the “book sale spirit” gives you a visit. Choose books that have good content. Else, you’ll end up like me with a lot of junk all over the room. Ciao! 😀


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