Falling in love with God

Have you tried asking the question “Who am I?” or  “What is meaningful in my life?” Have you tried to observe the world around you with appreciation and wonderment? Have you asked questions about the scenery, the world, as well as your daily experiences? Have you learned to value some things that could not be completely understood? I’ve tried asking that myself and the answer was simple – God.

This was a beautiful seascape I took while on a boat headed towards the city of Cebu. Have you ever wondered how beautiful God’s creations were? An enchanting sunrise at 5:00 am in the middle of the sea.

I have been to Cebu City several times but this time I had a specific agenda and that was to experience God and to renew my relationship with Him. At first I thought it would be a usual thing – talking to new people and learning about them and all of those things. But what happened was a spark of contentment that I felt after committing myself to Him. I could hardly understand, but in a deeper sense, I could feel his pursuit in me.

Majestic as this Mactan-Mandaue bridge, God’s unending love is quite similar. This is the first time I paid attention to the detail of every promising architecture.

I have learned that while going on to the path of life, you can experience many feelings of doubt, despair, fear, disappointment and dislocation as well as feelings of pleasure, joy, happiness and discovery. These are all significant experiences and components of your value system. You are nurturing your spiritual wellness when your actions become more consistent with your beliefs and values. This was the core of my trip.

This was me lifted by several young men in our group. Our goal was to transfer everybody to the other side without touching the ropes. This was a test of TRUST and a test of FAITH. I could have never imagined myself to be around 6 feet off the ground. But it was possible!

After a week of daily huddles – talking about your encounters with the Lord, best and worst times in life, beliefs and practices as young disciples of Jesus, I seem to have understood the “WHYs” of my existence, my very own purpose. I have learned that in whatever journey we choose, God is right there guiding us. And with regards to us running towards Him, it is actually Him running towards us, asking us to grow in love with Him and His wonderful promises.

This was taken at 7 in the morning. The OKKA 2011 was held at the Trinity Ranch, Compostela, Cebu. We were staying at the mountain top and it was such marvel. Everytime we get to talk, tears would slowly run down our cheeks.

Breakfast will follow after our morning heart to heart talks and keen discussions and solemn prayers. Not even the difference of language nor of religion could stop us from loving God. We all focused on the center of His greatness and set aside the sectoral differences among us. This, for me, was amazing. Team building activities followed our breakfast and again followed by moral lessons and meticulous discussion including relationships with the bible verses and incorporation of the real life that we are living. This was truly worth remembering.

Striking a pose there on the field. Ranging from over a hundred campers from the Visayas area: Iloilo, Boracay, Northern Cebu, Central Cebu, Southern Cebu, Leyte, San Carlos, Dumaguete, Bacolod, and other places. Language differences were conquered by a common ground – LOVE.

On this excursion, we’ll continually think and integrate our experiences and beliefs with the experiences and beliefs of those around us. With this, we’ll be able to engage in the formulation of our world view, and our system of values and goals. I have learned that:

  •  As we travel the path to spiritual wellness, we’ll begin to believe that – spiritually.
  • It’s better to ponder the meaning of life for ourselves and to be tolerant of the beliefs of others than to close our minds and become intolerant.
  • It’s better to live each day in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs than to do otherwise and feel untrue to ourselves.
Spiritual wellness is the process of getting in touch with our spiritual core – God. It is a dedication that is unique for us individuals. It is the process of looking within to become more in touch with yourself and your meaning in life.
This was taken on the last night in camp where we get to dress up and attend a party thrown to us.
I could remember clearly the verse that captured my heart. Something like this was said: “I am from the church of God where even sinners are invited to the party.” This I realized that He is indeed forgiving and loving. No doubt about God because He is and He will be.This whole experience taught me not to fear because I am protected by Him. He is that powerful to send His only son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. This is repeated several times to us but somehow we “know” but we don’t actually “feel.” Now I felt his loving embrace. That week changed my life and it is when I fell completely in love with God.

I went home with a heart full of memories and love. Open your hearts because God is knocking. Ciao! 🙂

One thought on “Falling in love with God

  1. Nice kaayo! I enjoyed reading! Hope I can make my own page like this one. I’m blessed. Keep it up!

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