A Slice of Heaven

Have you ever had that day in your life that problems tend to overshadow your great line of thinking and tried to take over your ego? Have you ever had that feeling of finding ways to escape a certain reality in your life? Well, I had. Lots of times!

A macro shot of my second-favorite cheesecake from Dulgies – Blueberry! Having an afternoon with my good friends!

Recently, I had my share of night clubbing and partying in the local night scene here in Iloilo City – Smallville. We had our fun but at the side of it, my website servers crashed and affected around 20 clients of mine in the design industry. That was a shock to me indeed.

I could not take the problems as they stack minute by minute, calls from my clients filling my phones’ call logs. I decided this rainy day to have pasta and cake with a few of my pals. Somehow, being with them gives me comfort and the food at Dulgies gives me comfort as well – despite the calories hidden beneath those delicious entrees. Couple it with great friends and it will give you a sense of relief. Conversations flowing will give you a whole new dimension to life.

My place of comfort is Dulgies. They serve pastries, pasta, sandwiches, and coffee. The place gives me a reason to hope when I am caught sitting by the sidewalk when I’m there. The explosion of flavors in my mouth makes me whole again – and that keeps me coming and craving for more.

There’s drama in every single place that we go. We all have those “comfort foods” that keeps us in tact. Whether it is in food or the people you are with, life goes on and it gets better everytime! Do you have your food or place of comfort? Let me know! Ciao! 🙂

*Dulgies is located at La Salette Building in Valeria St. – Beside SM Delgado, Iloilo City. Telephone – (033) 3383707, Fax – (033) 3379817

** FYI: This is not a paid endorsement. For advertising, contact The Ilongga for negotiations.


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