“Discipline” is the Fat Burner

I used to wear 32-sized pants, extra large blouses, and I did not care about my health at all or the way I look. I was fat since I first had my steroids for my asthma up until this year where fluctuations of “big” and “bigger” came to be a reality. I admit that eating was a favorite hobby of mine but as I entered into the realm of knowing diseases that could kill me – I decided to put a stop to my pre-obese state.

This is my friend, RJ, jogging at the *Iloilo Sports Complex with a beaming smile. 

I could remember that very day I had my check-up with our physician. She told me that there is notable wheezing in my condition and she suspects that my asthma is relapsing. She started me with steroids and on the first week I bloated like an elephant trapped in a tiny jar! Many of my friends told me I got bigger and I was in a shock – I could not take in all those reactions. From that moment, I SWORE THAT I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!

I got myself into a promise that can change my life. And somehow, at its early stages, it did! Four months ago I started jogging, a few kilometers per day, gradually increasing as the week passes. I was determined and I did not let anything get on my way. Not even the Board Exam Reviews. I disciplined myself to cut the carbohydrate intake, the softdrinks, coffee, desserts, everything! I relied on the most common product of nature – fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken.

Discipline is the governing body of all obstacles. If there’s none applied to my situation, I would not have gotten this far. Losing more than 15lbs is already an achievement for me. With that little sacrifice I made, I did not have any asthma attacks for several months already. 🙂

Jogging will be my daily routine. It is a life changing activity that could lead me into a better life. Considering the tons of benefits that it could give to your bodycardio, energy, increased metabolism, weight control, endurance building, and reduction of mental stress. This will really make a difference in you! Jogging + Good Nutrition + Discipline will be your stepping stones to wellness. Ciao! 😀

*Iloilo Sports Complex is at Jaro, Iloilo. For jogging, the entrance fee is only Php10 and you could use the field at anytime. Annual fees are also negotiated upon request.

** FYI: This is not a paid endorsement. For advertising, contact The Ilongga for negotiations.


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