Let’s go Italian!

Being in a fancy Italian Restaurant will really eat off almost half of your wallet. Today is a rainy day and it is quite nice to spend some time with friends over an Italian lunch. Yes we’re really craving for that “zing” in our tastebuds so we headed off to SM Hypermart to purchase some goods to prepare the meal. The name of the game was “let’s cook affordable Italian.” We talked about the number of people that will partake with our food so we just planned for 3 people (only us) for lunch.

What we had in mind was a bowl of tangy Italian spaghetti and a large diameter pizza. Looks like we were more creative than we thought – we cooked a sumptuous 1kg “Meaty Linguine with Bologna Sausages” and “Cheesy Pepperoni French Bread Pizza.” Due to the lack of time and the concept of “affordable,” we opted for freshly baked french bread and toasted them in the oven. Voila! It was indeed a success. Giving a toast from our pulpy orange-filled glasses, our efforts paid off. Amateur cooks as we called ourselves. 🙂

This is what we made apart from all our anxieties and frustrations of the dishes. It turned out really well. We have that “gift” of awesomeness! 😀

For anyone planning on a delicious rainy day Italian meal, here’s our simple and QUICK recipe that could really tickle your taste buds as well as keep the “fatness” of your wallet. Hey, we’re no professionals in the cooking field! It’s great to experiment for once 😉


SAUCE: Heat a skillet and add oil, garlic, onions (the usual stuff). Drop the freshly cut tomatoes and sautee. Make sure to really crush the tomatoes so that the sauce will be “not that chunky.” Once everything is smelling so good, add the ground meat plus the bologna sausages, and mix until it’s cooked. Add the sauce of your choice and let it bubble, reduce the heat, and bring it to a simmer for 10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste.

The recipe did not even take two paragraphs to complete! Once your pasta is cooked to al dente, drain it and splash it into your sauce pan (at least, that’s what we did). Mix thoroughly, add basil, cheese, and it’s good to go!


Slice the french bread horizontally in half, then cut the halves to make 3 pairs. That’s 6 in one bread. Lie them in your plates, put on some of the PASTA SAUCE, add your pepperoni, white onions, bell peppers, and cheese. Heat them in the oven for 7-10 minutes. Presto! Pizza!

Would you believe we only spent less that Php500 for these? (For the breakdown check this out) And would you believe that it is not only us three who ate? Yah we shared it with everybody. Looks like we’re not that good with estimates. But at least our bellies were hungry no more! More lifestyle buzz from your dear Ilongga next time! Ciao! 🙂


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