Itlog and Kamatis

Now that I have totally cleaned the website  (after those back logs from the past months), here’s to a start of a new lifestyle blog! Let’s bang our coffee cups with joy because this calls for a “caffeinated” celebration! This website will give you all from my hectic timeline ~ Iloilo City will be so proud to have their newly graduated, newly pronounced “registered nurse” of the Philippines, and newly so-so… the list goes on! 😉

Celebrating this day with a healthy protein-and-lycopene-packed breakfast. We traditionally call this as “Egg and Tomatoes on a plate” but I like to call it as “Itlog and Kamatis.”

It is great to feel that same feeling of my first post in this site. I was very much excited and then there goes that little “glitch” in the internet where I had some problems and then *poof* months of no posts! (enough with my rants) lol!


Who? Me? Let me give you dear readers an overview of my life as of the moment.

Since I just graduated from Nursing, I was stuck as a reviewee for the July 2 and 3, 2011 Philippine Nurses’ Licensure Examination. So I forgot all about the internet and focused on the ever popular “Board Exams” as what people tend to talk about. So then months have passed, August 20 came. The examination results were declared and your dear ilongga passed the examination with “flying” colors. Passing it is already an achievement. Thank God for the “Divine Intervention!”

Well, then… Up until recently, I am packed with web design works in the middle of the night. At mid day I wake up (around 12:30pm) and I get myself ready to go to the office (marketing work chu-chu). Then by 5pm I change into my jogging attire so that i could have my daily cardio. After that, I find myself at home with a fresh shower, light dinner, and you got it right! The cycle begins again! 😉

I don’t know where to start! I have loads of stories to share! Ciao! 🙂


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